Is your focus on how many investors/leads you can attract to your brand?


How much value each investor, if nurtured correctly, brings to your brand?

1%-2% of leads that you attract will become investors

60%-70% of those are likely to invest again if you take care of them

So many times as business owners, we tend to look at revenue goals to determine how many leads we need to generate in order to reach the needed revenue for our business.

I want to challenge you to place your focus on nurturing each lead, what is the overall value that you are bringing to each lead, and how much revenue you are generating from each investor that has ‘bought in’ to your brand and business plan rather than focusing on how many new leads you can generate according to the metrics required in order to reach your overall revenue goals.

This is a mindset shift!

This is an investor centric approach.  When you make this shift, you end up serving your investors at a higher level by creating content and services that they actually want when they need it which makes them more likely to see the value that your company has to offer them.

This approach will create true fans of your company that will in turn invest with you repeatedly, refer you to others, become raving fans for your brand on social media, and provide valuable feedback to you.

This will also help you increase revenue by reducing the cost of marketing.  I encourage you to read the essay, 1000 True Fans - by Kevin Kelly.  Think what just 1000 true fans can do for your capital raising efforts!  

Remember...we have a moral obligation to add value to our tribe!

You are not only doing a disservice to your tribe, you're doing a disservice to yourself if you refuse to share your service, idea, knowledge, talent or product with the world.

Three-Step System 

For Creating An Investor For Life

Step 1: Customer Service Mastery

  • Make each touch personal

  • Build rapport with each investor

  • Go above and beyond

  • Be a really good listener

  • Respond quickly to all inquiries including social comments

  • Be accessible

  • Be respectful always 

Step 2: Create Transformation In Addition To Adding Value

  • Bring them into your company by delivering value

  • Provide excellent customer service

  • Give them an initial offer to help them transform their mindset, portfolio, or financial well-being

  • Once you have solved their initial problem via transformation, help them identify the next problem you can help them solve through an additional transformation you can help them make

Step 3: Investor Focused Culture

  • Be intentional and nurture the perception that your investors have about your company and you as an individual

  • Your investor wants to see their future self in you

  • Be authentic and transparent always

  • Identify the future-based transformation that you want for your investors

  • Ex: I want to create $100K/yr passive income for 1000 investors. Know what you're trying to accomplish for your tribe.

Do the following exercise to re-evaluate your company’s mission statement based on the idea of creating an investor for life.

I help (target market) achieve (initial transformation) by/with (initial product/service).

When our investors have achieved (initial transformation), they then want to (next desired transformation) I help them achieve this by (next product or service)

Ex: I help high-networth, passive investors achieve a high level understanding of the multifamily syndication model by providing FREE educational content and resources so when they are ready to diversify their investment portfolio, we can give them a variety of opportunities to create passive income with above average returns, and help them create generational wealth, freedom and choice for their families.

Value Ladder Creation

Increase The Life-time Value Of Each Investor