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Three Secrets of the Top Influencers

Most of us spend our life trying to figure out how we can become an influencer in the space we have chosen to lead. We want to make a difference and serve our audience in the best way possible. I have been studying this topic for some time now. Today, I want to share with you three secrets that I learned from one of my mentors, Brendan Burchard, that the top 2% of influencers practice.

Brendan says that if you put these things into practice, you will change the quality and trajectory of your life! This was very eye opening and life changing for me. As we go through these three secrets, analysis yourself and ask where you are in your own life. Rank yourself on a scale of 1-10 and then ask yourself if it’s time for a reset.

The first secret is the power of intention. The most successful influencers have a daily habit of setting intentions for everything. Without intention there is no initiative. Without initiative, you become busy and not productive. Did that sting a little? Are you running around busy all the time but getting nowhere because you are not being productive? I know I do this often.

Brendan says to ask yourself and give deep thought to the following questions.