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Elevate  Commercial Investment Group [elevatecig.com]

Elevate Commercial Investment Group [elevatecig.com]

✨🏋️‍♂️OUR MISSION To Elevate the quality of life of the residents we serve within our communities while bringing quality investment opportunities that deliver exceptional returns and grow the wealth of our investor partners. This is accomplished by extensive market research, conservative underwriting, servicing, asset management and reporting for each property. By leveraging our team’s development and construction expertise, Elevate CIG offers a more thorough and efficient process for investing in value-add multifamily real estate. ✔️MARKET & LOCATION SUITABILITY We identify and evaluate stable markets and desirable neighborhoods throughout the United States with consistently strong historic as well as projected long-term multifamily performance. ✔️ACQUISITION & COMPLIANCE After a comprehensive multi-month property evaluation process, we acquire assets with the potential to provide steady yield and equity growth in their first year and beyond while ensuring everything remains compliant. ✔️OPERATIONS & CONSTRUCTION As operations specialists, we consistently improve the asset by driving occupancy, increasing gross income, decreasing expenses, and maintaining or improving property grade. Having the construction company in-house allows us to control the costs and speed of all value-add rehab projects. ✔️LIQUIDITY & DISTRIBUTION As a yield-focused investment firm, our goal is to increase Net Operating Income (NOI) and distributable cash flow every year. Through NOI growth, we have the ability to increase the value of your investment year over year. 🤝🏻 Meet the Elevate team: https://www.elevatecig.com/about-us 💰 We've also included our new Investment Offering if you are interested in Investing passively, we have few spots left so let us know if you're interested. Newest Investment Offering Details: https://elevate.invportal.com/app/offering-detail/627403a4e2e38e001a789f3a ARSENAL OF DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT Free E-book - Benefits of Investing in Multifamily Real Estate: https://go.elevatecig.com/e-book Free Due Diligence Slides & Checklist: https://go.elevatecig.com/elevate-due-diligence Free Questions to Ask Deal Sponsors Before Investing: https://go.elevatecig.com/deal-sponsor-questions Free E-book - How to Properly Hire a Contractor: http://go.jntconstruct.com/jnt-ebook Links to Recommended Books: https://www.elevatecig.com/books Checkout the 🔥Hottest🔥 Events in Multifamily https://www.elevatecig.com/events Lookout for promocodes to get huge discounts! Looking for more information about Multifamily? Read our blogs 👇 https://www.elevatecig.com/blog Join us on Social Media: ✨FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/ElevateCIG/ ✨IG: https://www.instagram.com/elevatecig/ ✨LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/elevate-cig



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